Installing the GradeCam on Your Computer (In Chrome)

In order to be able to use the full functionality of MasteryConnect, you will need to install the GradeCam Plugin and extension in Google Chrome. Please follow the instructions below to install the gradecam without the need for admin credentials:

  1. Download the GradeCam Driver from: while you are in Google Chrome. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  2. Do not run the installer from the browser window. Find the downloaded driver in your downloads list or right-click on the file and select Show in Folder to view the download location.
  3. Close all open browser windows.
  4. Double-click the driver, or right-click it and select Run.
  5. After the driver has been installed, restart your computer.

Once your GradeCam is installed, you will also need to change a few settings in your Chrome Browser. Make sure that the following settings are allowed while on the MasteryConnect Website:

  • Camera
  • Pop-Ups
  • Flash

To enable these settings, simply go to MasteryConnect while in Chrome. Click on the lock icon in the url bar (see below).

chrome settings

Then click to always allow the Camera, Pop-ups, and Flash Player. When you click away from the window a message will appear and ask you to refresh your page to see settings. You should then be able to have full access to the plugin.

chrome settings2

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