Checking Expiration Status of MasteryConnect Assessments

When you create tests in MasteryConnect, there are options for making the tests active. If you activate your test (whether intentionally or not), it usually has an expiration date of 7 days after it was initially activated. If your test reaches its expiration, it will not allow students to take the test online or allow you to scan bubblesheets until you get rid of the expiration message.

In order to view and change the expiration method please follow these quick steps.

1. Find your assessment in your tracker.

2. Click the "Assess" button above your assessment name. If the test is a multi-standard test, you can choose any of the "Assess" buttons.

assessment standards

3. If the test is displayed as "Expired" simply click to generate a new code so you can scan your scores in or allow students to take the test online. Be mindful of the expiration period and adjust the time accordingly.

Generate New Test ID

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