Troubleshooting MasteryConnect GradeCam Issues

If you are unable to scan tests in MasteryConnect please check the following things:

1. Checking the Expiration of Your Test ( your test won’t scan if it shows up as being expired).

2. Are you using Google Chrome? Chrome is the only browser that will allow full functionality. If you need to download it, follow these instructions for installing Google Chrome on Your Computer. Then Install the GradeCam in Chrome.

3. If you are using Google Chrome and already have the GradeCam installed, make sure the following settings are selected while you are on MasteryConnect:

  • Camera
  • Pop-Ups
  • Flash

To enable these settings, simply go to MasteryConnect while in Chrome. Click on the lock icon in the url bar (see below).

Chrome Settings Screenshot

Then click to always allow the Camera, Pop-ups, and Flash Player. When you click away from the window a message will appear and ask you to refresh your page to see settings. You should then be able to have full access to the plugin.

Screenshot for Allowing Popups, Flash,  and Camera Use

In order to see the changes you will need to click out of the settings and refresh the page. This will take care of your issues with scanning!

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