Troubleshooting Student MasteryConnect Online Assessment Issues

Students should be able to take online assessments with MasteryConnect without any issues on Firefox and Chrome (Not Internet Explorer or Edge). If a student does run into an issue when using Firefox, the problem most likely has to do with one of the following:

  • The Student ID or Test ID is incorrect (The student will receive a message saying that something is incorrect). Please verify with the student – it is common for something to be mistyped.
    • If the student ID is incorrect (doesn’t match your records), please give the student their correct student id (it appears next to the student names in MasteryConnect)
    • If the student ID is correct (does match your records), double check the test code that the student entered. If the wrong test code is entered, the test the student is trying to get to is associated with another class/school. Therefore the student id will not be in that class roster. Provide the correct test code to the student. Once the correct test code and student id are entered, the student should be good to go for that assessment!
  • If the test button functions do not work or if something does not load correctly, verify again that the student is in Firefox. If the student is in Firefox, Adobe Flash Player most likley needs to be updated. Students can access an updated version on the App Catalog.

If none of these solve the problem for student issues with online tests, please send the student down to the appropriate room or contact tech support!

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