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Printing to the Print/Copy Center (MS & Elementary)

Please follow the instructions below to print to the printers/copiers in your buildings:

1. Select the printer you wish to print to. After selecting the printer/copier, you will be prompted to enter your PIN.

a. If you print to the Kyocera 7002, please enter your PIN in the Account ID textbook.

PIN Entry Screenshot

b. If you print to the Bizhub 601, please enter your PIN in the password textbox and press OK.

PIN Entry Screenshot

2. You will receive an email in your inbox letting you now that your print job is being held in a printer queue.

Email Message Screenshot

3. When you walk to the copier/printer to pick up your print job, you will discover a Print Release Station Laptop near the copier/printer. Please do not unplug or turn this laptop off. If it is not working, please call 1900 and Tech Services will assist you.


4. Please sign into the Print Release Station using your laptop credentials to release your print job.

Print Release Sign In Screenshot

5. Once signed in, you will only see your print jobs to that specific copier/printer. Click the “Print” link when the copier/printer is available to use. This will release your print job and you should hear the copier/printer run shortly after clicking the link.

Print Release Screenshot

6. Click the “Done” button to return the screen back to the login area for the next person to use.

Finish Printing Screenshot