Delivering MasteryConnect Assessment Online with Class Code

Please follow the steps below to deliver your assessment on MasteryConnect online.

1. Find your assessment (Remember, if your assessment is multi-standard it will appear in its own column. If your assessment is tied to just one standard, you will need to click on the standard to be able to see the test).

2. Click on the name of your assessment in the top row of the column.

MasteryConnect Assessment Screenshot

3. Click the “assess” button above any of the standards listed for your assessment.

MC Assess Screenshot

4. You may or may not already have a Test Code activated (it sometimes automatically generates when you click “assess”). If you have an active test code, you can simply write that number down to share with students. You can also customize the settings for when the test would deactivate (see below). If you do not see an active Test ID, click the button to generate a new ID. Write that number down to share with your students.

MC Online Assessment Activation Screenshot

Your test has been successfully enabled for online delivery. Your test will expire at the time shown on the screen. A student will not be able to take the test past that time unless you open up the window again.

The steps below can be used to get students online to take the test.

1. Open Firefox as their internet browser

2. Go to

3. Students will be asked to enter their Test ID

4. Students will be asked to enter their School ID

5. Students will see their test online. The scores will be graded instantly when they submit. You can then add in any points for open ended questions.

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