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Troubleshooting Schoology – Skyward Sync Issues

This post is just going to clarify the Skyward – Schoology Integration misconceptions for Linked Sections in Schoology. If you linked your sections in Schoology, it is true that you will only need to post your materials one time for them to show up for all of your classes.

However, the Skyward integration must be set up separately for each section you teach. If you find that your first section has no issues syncing, but your other sections do, you essentially just will need to configure Schoology and Skyward to match up the grade categories.

To do this, please follow the steps below for each section you teach:

1. Go into your course. Click the Skyward button on the left side.

Schoology Course Screenshot

2. Choose the section from the section dropdown menu.

Section Dropdown Menu

3. Choose the “Configuration” button.

Configuration Button

4. Choose the Schoology categories to match your categories from Skyward. Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit save. Schoology will only sync to Skyward when it knows that the grading categories match what is in the Skyward gradebook.

Categories Save Button

Once you do this for all of your classes, you should be able to sync to Skyward without any further issues. Please note that syncing with Skyward will both create the assignment and import the grades for you, so please do not manually create the assignment in Skyward if you plan to import from Schoology.