Exact Path Help Page

Welcome to the help page for Exact Path! Below, you’ll find support articles, videos, and documentation. If you need further support, consider signing up for a Falcon Flex training session or scheduling a one-one-one session with an instructional technology specialist. 

Exact Path Overview

Exact Path is available to elementary and middle school students and serves as our primary Diagnostic Test and Personalized Learning solution.

This video gives you a quick walkthrough of features on how Exact Path Works to personalize learning for all students! 

Essentially students will take diagnostic tests that are schedule by the technology team a few times during the school year. Students will then get a learning path created automatically based on the results of the test. Every student will have the opportunity to learn content in their own learning path.

What Next (After the Diagnostic)

This video will show educators how learning paths and data works after the diagnostic test is given.

Manually Creating Learning Paths

Check out this video if you need to manually create a learning path for a student who moved into the district outside of a diagnostic testing window or if they were not able to complete the diagnostic test.

Manually Adjust Student Learning Path

There may be times where you find that your students are receiving content that does not match their current abilities. This video will show educators can manually adjust learning paths for specific topics within each subject.