CLSD Supported Subscriptions & Applications

The Cornwall-Lebanon School District utilizes a large variety of websites and applications as part of its instructional program. All applications purchased by the district and free websites that require account creation are reviewed in regards to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), terms of use, and information security. The CLSD Technology Services Team reviews privacy policies and terms of use on a yearly basis for websites and apps that are used in the classroom. The spreadsheet below has two tabs, one for CLSD Paid Subscriptions and one for Free Supported Tools. In order to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), parents must approve their child’s use of websites and applications by signing the official student handbook each year for the respective school that their children attend.

Approved websites and apps, both free and subscription-based, will be reviewed on an annual basis for budgetary, educational impact, and privacy compliance purposes. Free websites, apps, and services will only be added to the list when they are approved by the CLSD Technology Services Team. If you would like a tool to be added to the approved list, please fill out our CLSD Request for Approved Apps & Software Survey.

Teachers are only permitted to allow students to create accounts for websites and apps that are listed on the spreadsheet below, unless the website or app was reviewed to ensure that it meets privacy requirements, follows the terms of use of the specific tool or app, and receive separate parental approval for the creation of an account for the child for each specific tool that is not listed in the spreadsheet.

*The list of approved tools and applications will be updated periodically without public notice.

CLSD Subscriptions

Free Supported Tools