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Top 7 NEW features in Microsoft Teams | February 2022

There are some interesting new features that have been added to Microsoft Teams this month.


Creating Teams for Classroom Use

Falcon Educators have the opportunity to set up Microsoft Teams for individual classes. We recommend deleting old Teams (that were


Understanding the New Teams Meeting Experience

Understanding the New Teams Meeting Experience The video below will explain the new meeting experience some users are seeing in



Connecting OneDrive to your Schoology Account

You and your students have the ability to connect your OneDrive account to your Schoology account. This can make it


Archiving User-Created Courses in Schoology

We are noticing that students are having extra courses appear in their course listing in Schoology. In most cases, the

Settings Tab

Best Practices for Adding Links to Schoology

Schoology allows you to add a variety of materials to your courses. One of the most popular materials to add



Troubleshooting Schoology Gradebook to Match Skyward

There are times where we find that Schoology does not show the exact same grade that Skyward is showing. In


Installing the Securly Web Cert onto Chrome

Our Technology Department utilizes Securly to fulfill requirements by law to filter student internet traffic while using school devices/networks. Part

Tech Department Adopts New Ticketing System

The Technology Department is currently transitioning to the OnetoOne Plus ticketing system. This system will allow the department to document

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