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Use this page to find all things Schoology-related. From getting your class started to integrating apps and tools, most guides can be found in the links below.

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App & External Tool Integrations

Apps & External Tools in Schoology allow you to integrate tools within Schoology. Below are apps/external tools that are usable by CLSD educators right now. There are other apps available to install, but they either have not been verified or require extra subscriptions to be able to use. Look for the tool you want to use in the menu below. Each app/external tool will explain how to install and/or use it with students.

Please note that apps and external tools do not typically transfer to new courses each year. You will have to go through the process of setting up your apps and external tools each year. Please note that each app/external tool works differently – some definitely are more useful than others. General App Center Information can be Found on the PowerSchool App Center and Partner Apps Page.

The district now has access to Edpuzzle Pro Licenses. Please contact Technology Services with instructions for creating your Pro Account with Edpuzzle. Once you have an account, you can use the following videos as a guide to get started with Edpuzzle in your Schoology courses.


OneDrive Assignments allow you to take a document that you have in OneDrive and allow students to automatically create their own copies and edit without modifying your original document. This is a great tool because it prevents us from needing to use the method of students downloading files, saving them, and then uploading them. This app will work for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Please be mindful of how usable your document is before setting it up with OneDrive Assignments (formatting issues occur sometimes when documents are opened online).

The videos below will walk you through the process of using this app:

The Discovery Education App integration allows educators to put a direct link in Schoology to Discovery Education (located on the left side of the Schoology page) and also assign Discovery Education videos and content to view as an external tool within Schoology.

🔗 This post will show how to install the Discovery Education App. (Do not select Administrators only or only you as the teacher will see the DE button on the left side of the screen).

📺 This video will show how to use the Discovery Education App in Schoology.

The OneNote Class Notebook App in Schoology is available for all teachers to install into their Schoology courses. This app essentially allows you to create and access your Class Notebook within Schoology. Rather than adding all students manually, your students will be added to the notebook as soon as they click on your Notebook link in Schoology.

🔗 Take a look how to use the Schoology App center.

📺 Check out this video that explains how to use the OneNote Class Notebook App in Schoology.

The Teams Meetings app in Schoology allows you to quickly create a Teams Meeting link. This can come in handy for creating different rooms for different groups of students. This app is installed for every CLSD course and allows teachers to use as needed.

📺 This video will explain how to create and use Teams Meetings in Schoology.

The BrainPOP App in Schoology allows educators to assign content for students to view in BrainPOP within Schoology. It also serves as a place to use the single-sign-on for BrainPOP.

This app is already installed in courses and is available to K-8 teachers (due to limited licensing available through our IU).

🔗 Read through this guide to learn how to use the BrainPOP app in Schoology.