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Technology Services strives to provide the best possible support for all students, staff, and families. Please use our contact form or call us at 717.389.1900 to report any technology issues from home. Typically, someone is available to answer the phone from 7:30AM – 3:30PM every day. Please leave a message with as many details as possible if no technician is available to answer the phone.

Students who are in the building also have the opportunity to receive in-person technology support as well. Please use the guide below to learn how to get technology support in each building level.

In-Person Technology Support By Building Level

The High School Technology Services Office is located in room 217 (across from the TV Studio).

Technology Services will be available during during period 1 each day to provide walk-in service. Students are expected to get technology help first thing in the morning for any issues that arise overnight. Students will have two options for support throughout the rest of the day:

  1. For hardware issues (broken computer, internet doesn’t work ,etc), please visit the library with your computer and request a loaner computer to borrow.
  2. For any other issue, please use the Tech Support Contact form. Provide as much detail as possible and be sure to include the best times and methods for Technology Services to get in contact with you. A technician will get in touch with you as soon as possible or at your preferred time when possible.

PLEASE NOTE: students may not borrow computers if computers are forgotten at home. The only exception to this policy is if the student is taking an online test and needs the computer for a specific class period. Students will be expected to return the computer after completing the test. Technology Services will also not loan charging chords for students. New laptop chargers can be purchased for a cost of $20 in the technology office.

Fines for high school students can be paid in the main office. Please read below for more information about fines. 

The Technology Services Office is located across the main lobby of the building when you enter through the main entrance. Technology Services is open throughout the day. Students can stop down to the office to request assistance with their device. Technicians will attempt to diagnose and fix the issue on the spot. If the laptop requires hardware repair or cannot be quickly diagnosed, a student will be give a loaner to use while the computer is being fixed.

PLEASE NOTE: students may not borrow devices if laptops are forgotten at home. The only exception to this policy is if the student is taking an online test and needs a device for a specific class period. Students will be expected to return the loaner after completing the test. Technology Services will also not loan charging cords to students. New laptop chargers can be purchased for a cost of $20 in the Technology Services office. 

Fines for middle school students can be paid in the Technology Services office.

All technology issues at elementary buildings can be reported to the teacher. Elementary teachers have a process for getting devices fixed by Technology Services. The teacher will provide another device to use while repairs are being made.

Laptop Insurance

The CLSD encourages all students (with the exception to in-person elementary students) to purchase laptop insurance. Insurance will protect the student in the event of accidental damage to the device by offsetting the cost required to replace broken parts. Students with laptop insurance will pay 10% of the cost to replace damaged parts versus the full cost they would pay if they did not have insurance.

Laptop insurance can be paid at any point during the year. It will become active when we receive your insurance form application. Any damage that occurs to the device prior to receiving the form will not be covered under the insurance plan. Students who purchase insurance throughout the school year will be required to show technology services their device to verify that there is no damage to the device prior to purchasing insurance.

Insurance will not cover lost/stolen laptops or severely damaged (vandalized) laptops.


Laptop Insurance Form

Laptop insurance is optional to purchase each year.

However, in the case that the laptop is dropped or damaged, it could save you a lot of money and give a peace of mind! Please turn in the form at the beginning of the year so we have documentation.


Understanding Laptop Fixes and Fines

Students are encouraged to report all technology issues as soon as they arise. Technology Services will fix or replace all necessary parts of any computer that are damaged or need support. Students will not be charged any damage for normal wear and tear or issues that arise that are not caused by the student.

Students will be charged for the cost of replacement parts (or 10% of the cost for students with insurance) for any technology issue that is caused by the student (beyond normal wear and tear).

Students who lose or severely damage (vandalize) the computer will receive a fine for the full cost of the computer even if they have laptop insurance. If the damage is caused by another student, please report the incident to the appropriate principal. The principal will investigate and determine who is at fault.

Fines will be sent through the mail. They may be paid in full or in partial payments as needed. Please write any checks out to the Cornwall-Lebanon School District. Payments for fines can be sent to the following address:

Technology Services
Cedar Crest Middle School
101 E. Evergreen Road
Lebanon, PA 17042

1-to-1 Handbook

The 1-to-1 Initiative is the term used to describe the school district’s effort to provide a laptop or device for every student. Students in grades 2-12 each have their own laptop or device to use. Students in Kindergarten and 1st Grade have learning centers with devices in their rooms.

1:1 Handbook Download

The forms on this page can be referenced by middle school and high school students and parents. Elementary students do not need to use the forms since elementary devices typically stay in the classroom.

CLSD Policies

These policies were approved by the CLSD Board of School Directors to ensure safe and responsible technology use. Please review these policies to understand the expectations for technology use within the Cornwall-Lebanon School District.

Acceptable Use Policy

Social Media Policy