BrainPOP Help Page

Welcome to the help page for BrainPOP! Below, you’ll find support articles, videos, and documentation. If you need further support, consider signing up for a Falcon Flex training session or scheduling a one-one-one session with an instructional technology specialist. 

BrainPOP Overview

BrainPOP is an educational platform that provides engaging learning resources for students and teachers. The platform offers animated movies, interactive quizzes, and learning games that cover a wide range of subjects, including science, math, English, social studies, health, arts, and music.

Content on BrainPOP is designed to cater to different learning styles and is presented by the platform’s main characters, Moby and Tim, who simplify complex concepts for better understanding.

BrainPOP is primarily used by elementary and middle school students, typically ages 6 to 14, and their educators.


Getting Started with BrainPOP (3-8)

This video provides a brief overview of getting started with BrainPOP (3-8), including features and access to teacher resources.


The Story of BrainPOP

“Knowledge dispels fear,” founder Dr. Avraham Kadar liked to say. His idea was simple: to create content that helped children reach sudden moments of understanding—or what they call a brain “POP.”


BrainPOP Jr. (K-3)

At BrainPOP Jr., K–3 students can explore topics including rhyming words, quadrilaterals, and mindfulness. BrainPOP Jr. empowers all learners to be curious and creative!