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New Laptops Coming Soon to Elementary Faculty

Technology Services is excited to announce that new laptops will be arriving soon! Your new laptop will have a similar build to your current laptop model but will feature the latest components and parts to help maximize the speed and efficiency that you expect from a laptop.

The laptops are slated to arrive by the end of January 2024. At that point, the Technology Services team will begin setting up the devices and will transfer files and internet shortcuts to your new laptop. Once the laptops are ready, you will receive a notification to set up a scheduled time to sit down with the Instructional Technology Team and get your new laptop. All faculty will be expected to turn in their old laptop when the new laptop is given. We will hold the old laptops for a period of time with a label for each faculty name just in case there are any files or information that do not transfer to the new laptop.

To help you prepare for your new laptops, we are asking that you take time to make sure that your files and shortcuts are backed up to OneDrive. Take a look at this instructional guide to help you with this process. If you need any help with this we highly recommend scheduling an appointment early in January with the Instructional Technology Team so that we can (almost) guarantee that we will be available to meet. Once the new laptops arrive, the focus for future appointments will be on the transition to the new laptop.

In summary, below is an approximate timeline for the new laptop roll out:

  • Now – Late January 2024: Make sure your files and shortcuts are backed up successfully to OneDrive. Schedule appointments with the Instructional Technology Team as needed.
  • Mid-to-Late January 2024: New Laptops are shipped to the CLSD
  • Late January – Mid February 2024: New laptops are set up by Technology Services
    • Look for Updates from the Technology Services Team
    • Look for a request for credentials to sign into the new laptop
  • February – March 2024: Technology Services will target each elementary separately and set up small group appointments for showcasing the new laptops and swapping out the old laptops
    • Look for requests to schedule your small group appointment
  • March – April 2024: Old laptops will be stored by the Technology Services Team for approximately one month to ensure that no files or information are missing from the new laptops. After this time, the laptops will be reimaged and will be repurposed for other staff members and district uses in the future.