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Byte Sized Love: Groove with Discovery Ed

Spotlight on Strategies

Hey dudes! In honor of Valentine’s Day and the annual King of Hearts Dance, this month’s tech spotlight is featuring some “bye sized love.” Discovery Ed is a gnarly tool for educators to add to their tool-bag, as you can find a mountain of information and resources to use daily in your classroom. There are in depth activity examples and resources, videos, online text books and information for every subject. Discovery Ed does this all through inquiry-based learning and real-world concepts and models. You can create your own resources and library or snag some from a library of content created by the Discovery Ed crew or teachers from around the country!

This month’s blogpost features Discovery Ed’s, “Spotlight On Strategies” tool. In the doldrums of winter, it is totally the perfect time to get creative and try some new methods in your classroom! Below is only a small sample of what the site has to offer, but I chose several that would be perfect for the secondary classroom. Give them a whirl! They may not all be totally tubular, but you’ll definitely find a few to fall head over heels for!

Below is the 1988 King of Hearts, Valentine’s Dance court ♥️ Click on each couple to scope a different Discovery Ed strategy to try out in class!And HEY, if you shoot me an email with one that you tried, you’ll like, totally be entered to win a rad prize at the end of the month!

February Blogpost by Matthew Werner

Matthew Werner

Instructional Technology Specialist - Secondary