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Posting Updates in Schoology

One of your options for communicating with students and/or colleagues in Schoology is through Updates. Updates can be created on your home screen or within your courses.

Creating Updates from Your Home Screen

Step 1: Choose Update under the Recent Activity Header

Update Button Screenshot

Step 2: Use the Rich Text Editor to add your message. Explore the additional tools and things you can add to your message if needed.

Rich Text Editor Screenshot

Step 3: Start typing the name of your courses/groups in the “Post to…” section. Click on the names that you want to add to this update as they pop up. Note: You may add more than one course at a time.

Add Courses to Updates Screenshot

Step 4: Click Post when your message is finalized. The small menu next to the post button allows some options for where your update gets posted.

Post button Screenshot

Creating Updates within a Course

Step 1: Choose Updates on your left menu

Updates Button Screenshot

Steps 2 – 4: Follow the steps above for completing and posting your update. You may add additional classes to your list, but you may not remove the class that you are working in.

Viewing Updates from Your Homepage

Any updates for any course or group that you are a member of will appear on your home page in the middle of the screen. Click the Home button on your top menu to view your homepage.

Home Page Screenshot

Viewing Updates within Your Messages

All updates are also sent as messages in the Schoology Messaging system. Click the Message icon on the top right corner of the screen to view your updates and messages.

View Updates from Message Screenshot

Viewing Updates within a Course

All updates can be viewed within the course they were created for. To view course updates simply click the Updates button on the left menu within the course. All updates will appear with the most recent updates at the top of the page.

Updates within Course Screenshot