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Schoology End of Year Information

At the end of the year, your Schoology Courses linked to our grading periods will be archived! You will still have access to your courses and will not lose any of your materials. However, your course will not show up in your dropdown list that you have during the school year.

In order to continue to have quick access to your course materials, please follow the steps below to save your course to your resources:

1  Go to Your Course.

2. Choose Options. 

Options Button Screenshot

3. Choose Save Course to Resources.

Save Course To Resources Screenshot

4. Choose the location that you would like your course saved in Schoology. Choose Submit.

Save to Resource Location Screenshot

You will then be able to access your course materials in your resources!

If you do not remember to do this before the end of the school year and find that your courses are archived, you can access your archived course by following the instructions below:

1 Choose Courses

2. Choose See All

See All Courses Screenshot

3. Choose Archived

Archived Course Screenshot

4. Find the course you are looking for and select the section name to see the materials.

Archived Course Sections Screenshot