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Sharing & Collaborating with Files in Teams

Creating and Sharing Files in Teams

Teams allows you as an educator to share files. There are different types of Teams that control some of the settings. In general, if you are using Teams as a part of a collaborative Team with colleagues, any document you upload or create in your team can be edited by others.

Teams set up for classes are set up differently. When the classroom Team is created, there is a folder titled “Class Materials”. Any file or folder that you place in here will give students read-only access. You can use this folder to place important materials that you do not want students to modify. Any file that you add outside that class materials folder will be editable by students.

You have the ability to create or upload documents in Teams. All documents can also be opened in the desktop version of the Microsoft suite by finding the appropriate “Open in…” button on the top menu of the document.