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Tech-Or-Treat Gameplan: 2023 🎃🍫

Halloween is upon us, so it’s time to grab your candy bag and head out into the neighborhood for some tech-treats! Each house along your journey is offering bite-sized treats to add to your teacher candy bag!


We’ve did some digging and have a pretty good idea of which house is handing out what. Check out the summaries below and click on the individual houses to go to the sites!

The Munsters 🍫


Create engaging media, presentations, games, etc. for your classroom!

The Addams 🍬

Font Generator

Create titles and content with hundreds of unique font options! Custom Emojis too!

The Myers 🍭

Remove background

Upload pictures and erase the background with one click!

The Klopeks 🍩

Quick Rubric

Use this site to create free, organized, custom rubrics!

Dracula 🧁

Poster Maker

Create engaging and unique posters that can be downloaded and printed!

Frankenstein 🍭


Free, downloadable PowerPoint templates to spice up presentations!

Darth Vader 🍪

Slides Mania

Another free site to download hundreds of PowerPoint templates!

The Kruegers 🧁

MSFT Translator

Use this app to translate in real time to multiple students in a classroom via QR code on their device!

Pennywise 🍬


Free site to create focus/study noise for class without going to YouTube and dealing with ads.

The Voorhees 🍫


Create quizzes for classes with different game types that offer a break from the usual.

Tech-Or-Treat Blog post by Matthew Werner

Matthew Werner

Instructional Technology Specialist - Secondary