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Happy Th-AI-nksgiving!

The robots have taken over dinner 🥧

The time of year has come once again to gather around the digital hearht and share in the spirit of Th-AI-nksgiving. As you can see from our real-life image above that was absolutely not created using AI… Th-AI-nksgiving is a wonderful time of the year filled with what looks like glitchy smiles and laggy laughs. In the spirit of Th-AI-nksgiving, we present to you a cornucopia of AI tools that will not only fill your pedagogical plate but also carve out new possibilities in your classrooms. From virtual gravy to algorithmic cranberry sauce, these tools are sure to fill your seasonal appetite.

Aunt Alexa and her family were nice enough to fill the table this year. Here are the 13 AI dishes they brought:

Below you will find our Th-AI-nksgiving table (AI generated of course) filled with our 13 AI tools and all the trimmings of the season! Simply hover over the table and click on each dish to check-out and sample each tool! 

Th-AI-nksgiving menu

1. Almanack AI – Lesson plan and course design helper
2. Gencraft – Text to image generation with free downloads
3. Diffit – Create on-level or edited readings to meet your students needs
FakeYou – Text prompts that can be read by thousands of famous voices
Google Bard – Google’s Chatbot to counter ChatGPT.
6. OpenAi (Chat GPT) – The “ONE” you all heard about for the last year. Chatbot can help with lesson plans, strategies, activities, prompts, etc.
7. MagicSchoolAi – Helps generate lesson plan ideas, assessments, and differentiate content

8. ChatPDF – Summarizes PDFs and can add questions/bullet points to help struggling readers
9. Canva Magic – Create AI graphics, presentations, etc. through Canva (We have this as a district!)
10. TeachologyAi – Design units, lesson plans, assessments, and learning goals through AI
11. Glasp – Google extension, AI powered reading tool allows you to highlight web articles for AI generated summaries of content
12. Bing Chat – Chatbot to counter Google and ChatGPT
13. QuestionWell – AI site that helps write learning goals, essential questions, assessments, and standards aligned units from a prompt, search, or even website content

AI Thanksgiving by Matthew Werner