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Chrome Alone: Sponsored by Little Nero’s Pizza

Chrome🏠 Alone

Welp, you’ve done it…You made your family disappear. 

While you have all this free time to eat junk and watch rubbish, destroy your brother’s Starting Lineup action figures, sled down your steps and out the front door, order from Little Nero’s Pizza, and buy a toothbrush that was approved by the American Dental Association… you may find yourself with the family computer… on Chrome. Alone.

Don’t let the Wet Bandits foil your plans to get the most out of your Chrome browsing experience! There are countless extensions that you may find enhance your productivity and help you get the most out of Google Chrome.

It’s no emergency car ride from the “Polka King of the Midwest”, but I thought I’d lend a hand this holiday season by offering 10 Chrome Extensions sure to make your Google experience merry and bright!

Matthew Werner

Instructional Technology Specialist - Secondary