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8 crazy sites!

A festival of sites!🕯

It’s that time of year again to celebrate Hanukkah and the festival of lights! This year to get into the holiday spirit we are offering up 8 crazy sites that are bound to keep your classroom shining bright for the rest of the holiday season and beyond!

Our 8 sites feature a blend of different educational technology tools that can be used in any secondary classroom. Falling under the category of games and competitive tools, you will find Gimkit and Blooket! For those looking to add an interactive element or some “sizzle” to their in class presentations, Canva, Genially and Peardeck are the tools for you! If you are looking to have your students create interactive presentations, look to Wakelet to help out! And finally, if you have a video you’d like to show but want to edit it to your liking, EdPuzzle has you covered!

Matthew Werner

Instructional Technology Specialist - Secondary