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Submitting An Assignment in Schoology

Here is a list of steps that can be used to submit an assignment on Schoology. Note: There are multiple ways to create/submit on Schoology.

Step 1: Click on the Assignment in Schoology

Schoology Assignment Screenshot

Step 2: Click the “Add a Submission” button

Submit Button Screenshot

Step 3: Choose the method you wish to use.

  • Upload – Click the appropriate button to upload a file or create an audio/video recording to upload to Schoology

Submission Types Screenshot

  • Create – Use the Text Editor to add text, graphics, or other media (such as links to work created online!). You can save your progress as a draft or submit when it is completed.

Create Screenshot

  • Resources – Grab a file that already exists in your resources to submit. Choose Apps on the left side to get to your OneDrive and submit a file from there!

Resources Screenshot

Step 4: Click to Submit or Import the document when it is completed.