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Quick Access to Symbols and Special Characters

Windows 10 has a feature built into its “touch keyboard” to enable quick access to special characters, symbols, and emojis. Rather than needing to copy and past these characters into Word, users now have the capability to quickly find the appropriate characters on the touch keyboard.

Look on the taskbar (bottom black bar) for an icon that resembles a keyboard.

touch keyboard

If you do not see the symbol, right click on the task bar and choose the “show touch keyboard button.”

shw touch

Simply click on the keyboard icon on the task bar to open the touch keyboard. Once the keyboard is open, you can quickly find symbols, emojis, and other characters. What makes this especially useful though is the capability to click and hold over a letter to find variations of the letter with accent and diacritical marks. Enjoy typing with special characters with the improved functionalities of your computers!

Touch Keyboard