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Adding Teachers as Collaborators within Your course

As we develop more content to put into our Schoology courses, we just wanted to share that you have the ability to directly share or give access to your materials with another teacher who may teach the same thing. You can do this in one of two ways:

  1. Follow the instructions to save and share your course materials within your resources.
  2. Go to your course (or archived course) and add the teacher to your course. They can then copy/save materials for their own use within Schoology.

For any teacher receiving access, please be sure to copy or save materials into your own course/resources before making changes or your changes will apply to the person who created the materials. Please also do not delete courses that you are not currently using (they will archive when the School year ends).

Also as a side note, any material that was created using an external tool (an app was used to assign the material through Schoology) will not copy correctly to resources/another course. These will need to be recreated/modified within the new course so that the external app is able to grab the roster from your current course and work properly.