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Embedding PowerPoint into Schoology

Please follow these instructions for embedding a PowerPoint from Office 365 into Schoology.

There are three main components to this process:

  • Getting the Document onto OneDrive
  • Setting the Access Permissions and Grabbing the Embed Code for the Document
  • Inserting the Content onto Schoology

Step 1: Get the document onto OneDrive (via Office 365).

Step 2: Log into Office 365 and find the document in OneDrive. Click on the privacy settings for the document in OneDrive.

Privacy Settings

Step 3: Select “Grant Access” and fill in the information listed below. Select OK.

Grant AccessGrant Access Screen

Step 4: Select the document to view it in PowerPoint Online.

View PowerPoint

Step 5: Select File -> Share -> Embed


Step 6: Choose the size you want the PowerPoint to Appear. Then copy the embed code as highlighted in the image below.

embed PowerPoint Options

Step 7: Go into the settings for a Schoology Page, Assignment, Discussion, etc. and click the spot in the description where you want the PowerPoint to appear.

Step 8: Choose the “Insert Content” button. Then select Image/Media.

Insert Content

Step 9: Select Media, From Web, and paste the embed code. Click Insert.

Media From Web Settings

Step 10: Your embedded document will appear on the screen in a yellow box. Click Save. Go back to the course to view the embedded file.

Finalize and Save