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Using Your Classroom Phone

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Educators today are surrounded by a variety of technology in the classroom. There are few things as essential to daily life as a telephone, however. Upon first using your phone, you should keep the following in mind:

  • No more extensions
    • We no longer have 4-digit extensions assigned to each room/phone.
    • Instead, each phone has an assigned 10-digit number.
    • To dial a colleague, room, office, etc., you’ll either dial the 10-digit phone number or browse via the directory on the phone’s screen.
  • You’ll sign into your phone
    • The new phones are Microsoft Teams phones.
    • You’ll activate your phone by signing in with your CLSD Microsoft account.
    • The process for signing in is easy and can be found here.
  • Answer from anywhere
    • Since you’ll be signing into your phone via Teams, this means calls to and from your phone are actually calls to your Teams account.
    • As such, you’re able to answer a call either from the handset on your physical phone, or from your laptop via the Teams app.
      • Note: This also applies if you have the Teams app on a personal device (like a smartphone) and are signed in with your CLSD account.
  • Update your contact methods
    • As mentioned above, the loss of our 4-digit extensions brings new 10-digit, unique numbers.
    • This means you’ll have a standard phone number, complete with (new) area code.
    • This number can be given out to anyone if you choose to do so.
    • Consider updating any means of contact you currently share with parents/guardians, outside vendors, etc., Also consider:

Phone Basics

We’ve put together some quick guides for the most common questions about how to get started with your phone and its functions.

Signing Into Your Phone

Get signed into your Teams phone to start making calls.

Make Calls in Teams

Calling couldn’t be easier, and can be made from the phone or app.

Check Your Voicemail

Learn how to check your voicemail, both from your phone or the app.

Andy Link

Instructional Technology Specialist - Elementary